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September 5, 2022

When Promoting His New Book, Rylan Clark Shares A Link To OnlyFans

According to the BBC Radio 2 presenter, he has “no hope” of competing with other authors released at the same time. However, he still managed to make a joke about it.

In an open letter to fans, Rylan Clark reveals his concerns that his new project is failing. In two weeks, the BBC Radio 2 presenter will release his first book, an autobiography entitled Ten.

During his appearance on X Factor in 2012, he quickly became one of the most iconic contestants in the showbiz world. After seeing who he’ll be up against in the race for a bestselling book, Rylan shared his frustrations with fans on Instagram on Friday, September 2.

In his selfie, he said, “MEHHHHHHH,” looking unimpressed. As he explained in the picture: “Just seen a list of who’s releasing their books at the same time as me… We got no hope, haha.”

If you’d like to support a one-time number one best-selling author, you can pre-order #RylanTen now for a bargain TENNER.”

@sophia_essex_makeup commented: “I’d rather read yours than any of the others. Keep up the good work.”

@daisysdesignssuffolk said: “Rylan, you are bl**dy fab; your book is gonna sell out.”
Several other celebs shared their kind words, including Eastenders legend Natalie Cassidy, who said: “Babes, it’s not too late yet.”

After feeling unsure about himself, Rylan responded with a series of Instagram stories: “So I’m just sitting here thinking about the book, thinking about all the sweat and tears. Then I thought, f*** this, I have a kebab.”

Rylan continued: “And then I thought I’d watch Judy Dench on the television.” A link to said kebab then appeared on the screen.

A short video told his followers that he had joined the adult site OnlyFans. He added: “I then thought about starting an OnlyFans.”

In the top corner of the story, it appeared that he shared the link to his OnlyFans site – but the link led to Amazon, where fans could pre-order his book.

Several more videos followed, all with links to the online retailer.

After his split from Dan Neal, Rylan revealed he was writing a book back in March.

“TEN: The decade that changed my life. Wow. All the emotions.” “I am celebrating ten years in this industry with this book.”

Considering how long I should have lasted, I’m not sure how I’ve lasted ten years. I’ve learned many lessons, particularly in the last year, and I look forward to sharing them with you soon. It’s possible to pre-order the audiobook, which will be read by – yours truly if audiobooks are your thing.”

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