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May 25, 2023

When Wayne Couzens kidnapped Sarah Everard, the OnlyFans Cop Failed to Arrest Him

After being found guilty of gross misconduct, Ms. Lee has been permanently barred from the police service. On the day Wayne Couzens murdered tragic Londoner Sarah Everard, a sex-loving ex-cop missed an opportunity to arrest him. Several hours before Wayne Couzens abducted, raped, and murdered Sarah Everard in Kent, Samantha Lee investigated two indecent exposure incidents.

After being found guilty of gross misconduct, Ms. Lee has been barred from the police service for life. Her primary source of income is the creation of sex videos for Onlyfans. “My decision to leave and start my own business as an adult content creator was influenced by multiple factors, some of which you may or may not be aware of,” Ms. Lee said on her website, Officer Naughty.

According to a police hearing, Ms. Lee conducted a “sloppy” and “unprofessional” investigation following Couzens’s exposure to female staff on 14 and 27 February 2021 at a drive-through McDonald’s in Kent.

Everard, 33, was abducted by Couzens in Clapham, south-west London, hours before she visited the restaurant on 3 March. According to a report, Ms. Lee told investigators she thought the footage had been deleted automatically, so trying to locate any images of Couzens’ misconduct would be pointless. Nonetheless, at a police disciplinary hearing, the restaurant manager revealed he had shown Ms. Lee CCTV footage and instructed her to download it onto a USB drive.

“I showed her on the actual computer screen in the office,” he said. He said he told her Couzens’ registration plate was observed on CCTV footage second incident, which he looked at before using the receipt time.

According to the panel’s chairman, Darren Snow, Ms. Lee’s dishonesty amounted to gross misconduct, and she would have been discharged from the police force if she had still been a serving officer at the time.
According to reports, Lee posted a graphic picture on Onlyfans at 10 a.m. on the day of her sentencing hearing for gross misconduct. “I was going to wait until June!” she wrote.

Thank you all for your cooperation this week.The first video I’ve ever made features girls on girls! It is still possible to purchase the other G/G video early, but let’s just say June will be a spicy month!” the cop wrote.

On her Officer Naughty website, Lee describes herself as “a 29-year-old, curvy, former Metropolitan Police Officer who is now an online content creator.” “I spent nearly seven years serving in the Metropolitan Police Service!” There were many good, some bad, and some very sad memories that I made.

My best decision to date for my mental health and happiness is that I left my job and start my own business as an adult content creator. Life is short to live, and we all deserve to know happiness!”

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