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January 2, 2024

While Filming Content For OnlyFans, Actress Tasha Paige Becomes Pregnant

“My tax bill caught up with me.” OnlyFans creator Tasha Paige posted a new TikTok showing her positive pregnancy test last week.

After the positive test, Tasha gestures to the camera, saying, “I’m pregnant; Happy New Year,” and “It all caught up with me.”

She amassed over 11 million likes on her TikTok videos in 2023, skyrocketing to stardom. Her colorful sex life, her list of men she dates, and how she finds men to film content with are all shared candidly.

Her 2023 tax bill was also a major story, coming in at $176,000, substantially over the $18,000 tax-free threshold.

Pregnancy Shock for Tasha

Yahoo Lifestyle reports that she is unsure if she will have a baby.

According to Tasha’s rep, she has already told the father about her pregnancy. They are amicable, even though they are not together.

Similarly, Tasha’s TikTok followers confuse the OnlyFans star in their comments. “Are we going to the clinic or?” one person said. “Congratulations?” another person said.

“Keep in mind that it’s your body, your choice,” said one supportive person. Another commented, “Well, whatever you do, ensure you’re happy.”


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