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January 6, 2024

While On a Lavish Barbados Getaway, DJ Khaled Befriends Sunburned Tony

DJ Khaled met a British tourist on holiday in Barbados who became his best friend. Asahd, 7, and Aalam, 3, are on vacation with their fiancée Nicole Tuck and 48-year-old producer. DJ Khaled bumped into topless Tony, who was partially sunburned.

After pulling off his top, Khaled said, “This is my style right here.” ‘Tony swaggered out like this without a shirt, just getting a suntan.’ It’s excellent.’

The pair bonded over their astrological signs, and Khaled said Tony was ‘swaggin’ like me.’ His social media posts show him playing golf, hanging out with his kids, and spending time at the beach during his vacation.

In 2021, the star told PEOPLE that fatherhood was everything he expected. A great father, a fantastic queen and mother [Nicole Tuck], and two beautiful boys are God’s gifts to him.

It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life. You can’t describe the feeling unless you’re a mother or father. It’s just the truth. I can’t even express the feeling; it’s unbelievable.

Known for his music, DJ Khaled is now pursuing a quieter endeavor.
He has lost 15 pounds since taking golf and fell in love with it. As a result of the sport, according to People. Golf videos and photos adorn his Instagram profile, showing off his slick swing.

Aalam, 3, and Asahd, 6, are also playing golf, and Asahd, 6, built a course in their backyard.

Despite his love of golf, he wakes up trying to remind others to go golfing, ‘Let’s go golfing!’ Khaled said every morning after he prays. My balcony is my favorite place to scream, ‘Let’s go golfing!’

Two-time major winner John Daly is among the people calling him to schedule a tee time. Daly gave him a novelty headcover with a lion’s head and dreadlocks reminiscent of Rastafarianism as a gift.

The number of texts on his phone is trillions. According to People, there’s a reason why Khaled’s round sounds like fun, consisting of eating a cheeseburger and doing another nine holes.

He has yet to lose sight of his old passion. It has helped.

After receiving five Grammy nominations for God Did in 2022, Khaled plans to follow up with a new album. I had a clear mind when I played golf and walked into the studio after playing golf.

My good ideas came when I walked the fairway or sat on the golf course. Usually, when I’m driving home after a great day of golf, some of my best ideas emerge. “I’m going to the studio to lay it down.”

Khaled previously explained how he must start his day with golf. He said the sport is not just a workout but a workout mentally.

In the wake of the pandemic lockdown, Khaled began playing golf two years ago with some of his Miami neighbors. His golfing collection already includes apparel and equipment he uses on the course.

Khaled received a 50th-anniversary edition Rolex Cosmograph Daytona while playing golf in his new $35,000 Louis Vuitton golf bag.

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