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November 22, 2021

White Castle Releases New Recipes on OnlyFans

Thanksgiving is just a week away, so start planning your menu if you haven’t already. As for the staples, you need stuffing at the very least, but why not keep things fresh by updating the classics?

Using White Castle’s Jalapeno Cheese Sliders, White Castle has created two twists on stuffing for your holiday table. However, you can only access these recipes through OnlyFans. A spicy content subscription service.

In a press release, Jamie Richardson, Vice President at White Castle, said that this holiday season will be hotter than ever.

We absolutely know our customers will love these new hot-and-spicy stuffing recipes since our Jalapeno Cheese Slider is so prevalent in our restaurants and grocery store freezer aisles.”

You’ll receive two updates on White Castle’s original stuffing recipe, first released in 1991 when you access the pay-to-view content page. There is a Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Slider Stuffing and a Southwest Jalapeno Cheese Slider Stuffing.

Richardson stated that either version of the Jalapeno Cheese Sliders or Stuffing could be made as spicy and hot as desired in the release. And it would be a great thing about this sizzling dish.

 You won’t want to miss these side dishes for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving.” 

You can find the Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Slider Stuffing on White Castle’s regular social media channels as well, but if you want the Southwest version, you will need to sign up for OnlyFans. 


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