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November 11, 2023

With OnlyFans, Carol Alt Will Post ‘Nude Photos’ That Are ‘Tastefully Done’ At 62

Carol Alt, a 62-year-old supermodel from the 1980s, tells us that Joining OnlyFans is the first time in her career that she has control over her image. 

Alt, who has appeared on multiple covers for high fashion mags like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, says she doesn’t own a single photo. “When people ask ‘Can I use your photo?’ I gotta ask someone.”

Her photographer shot her racy platform. The photos are mine, so she can choose which ones she wants. It’s the future. Don’t define me by what others think. We’re on the verge of a revolution. 

Alt says she won’t be doing porn, though “sexy, beautiful” nudes will be there. It has some nude photos, but they’re tastefully done. Pictures that are tacky and tasteful pictures are different. Playboy and Sports Illustrated have featured Alt.

Her costar in “Paper Empire,” Denise Richards, told her about the platform. 

Especially for someone her age, Alt sees the move as empowering. 

She’d like to be hired from there. “I would like people to know how I look today… Age does not define me. Every woman is beautiful. Empowering people is what I aim for.”

The money won’t go to Alt alone. A portion of the proceeds will go to women’s mental health charities. 


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