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March 29, 2022

With Pictures of My Pregnant Belly and Breast Milk, I Make £171,000 on OnlyFans

OnlyFans mom Emily Mai makes more than £171,000 (AUD 300,000) a year through her pregnancy, which she has found particularly lucrative.

In addition to videos of her squirting her breast milk, Emily, 32, creates content about her growing belly.

While pregnant with her now 19-month-old son, the former stripper began creating pregnancy-focused content. She is now 18 weeks pregnant with her second child. Emily enjoys showing off her pregnant body to her adoring fans and says she feels “incredibly sexy” while pregnant.

Emily says she loves displaying her pregnant body – she feels incredibly sexy when showing off her curves while pregnant.

My fans love seeing my growing belly, too! There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman, and they wish they were the father. Each day, I receive requests for more pregnancy photos and videos.”

Emily, with 144,000 people on Instagram, follows, has received some criticism for her work – including negative comments from other parents – but she claims she doesn’t care what others think.

“Taking pictures of my pregnant body makes me feel incredibly sexy and sensual. There isn’t a wrong angle because I can show off my large, beautiful belly.
Being pregnant makes me feel soft – and has increased my sex drive.

The content is so much fun for me to create, and I feel so fortunate to connect with people in this way – nothing against the site’s terms of service or the law.”

In an Instagram interview, Emily, whose username is @itsemilymai, said: “I’ve received requests for belly worship videos, role play videos in which I pretend to be their pregnant partner, and even asking me to play with my breasts and squirt the camera.

Some asked me to let my breasts overflow with milk and let it drip out. It’s a massive turn-on because I feel so confident in my pregnant body.

I’m eager to capture as much of my pregnancy as possible as I only have a few more months left”.

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