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August 17, 2023

WWE Exit Rumors: Lacey Evans Seems Ready To Start An Onlyfans

Lacey Evans has undeniable star power in WWE and has a fearless spirit. Most of her bookings in the past few years have disappointed fans.

She appears to have responded to a fan’s request to start an OnlyFans group amid the rumors about her WWE exit.

Lacey Evans wore a camouflage jacket and hat after she returned, akin to Sergeant Slaughter’s.

In response, Slaughter’s daughter called her out for stealing his style. Even Sgt. Slaughter became involved in a major way as a result of this incident.

Since Lacey Evans last appeared on WWE television, well over a month has passed. As recently as last week, Lacey Evans changed her social media handle to “Limitless Macey.”

After updating her bio, Lacey Evans was asked by her fans to create an account on OnlyFans. Evans’ response indicates that she is open to opening an account as soon as possible.

Lacey Evans’ time with WWE appears to have ended, so now we must wait and see what will become of her.

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