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October 14, 2021

Young and Stunning Jessica Alves Shares Heart-Shattering News Where She Feels Pressurized to Share Her Full Nudes on OnlyFans

Jessica Alves, a preeminent star, stated that she felt pressure from her fans to share her full nudes after signing up to explicit photo-sharing service OnlyFans.  

She also added she wasted many years trying to look beautiful. Even those years were miserable for her. While giving the interview to MailOnline, she claimed though women or men always have a curiosity about how I look without clothes.

Jessica illuminated her ideas of not being a shy and prude person and stated it’s a time for her to explore her feminity and sensuality.

Jessica introduced herself as a transgender person publicly in 2020 and underwent gender-affirming surgery in 2021.

The OnlyFans star completed her first million, preferring to celebrate a milestone by sharing a whole series of nudes to prove her fans herself a woman.  

According to her interview with MailOnline, she believes that nudity proves one’s femininity and how every surgery worked out perfectly. The transition was a very heart-wrenching process as it took 36 years to become a beautiful woman. Now many men are attracted towards me, but that makes me egotistical. And I don’t feel under the weather anymore.

Her followers forced her to make an account on a racy photo-sharing service, where they receive requests regularly.

Daily, I received requests and mails, fans pressured me to create an account on OnlyFans, but I was confused whether or not I would be able to make lump some money. It’s unbelievable because, in a wink, I made $1million, and it’s applauding.

I hire professional photographers who capture nudes and give time to my content to provide the best for my fans on OnlyFans. Now my followers have been asking for a video as my fans are a priority. I invest too much time in replying to them and my attention.

Many women took beauty advice, and trans women asked me how they could transition like me.

Most of my followers are men. They would want to see me naked. On OnlyFans, they have full access to Jessica, and I want to enjoy it last.

However, Jessica said that she had lost her virginity after introducing herself as a woman, and it was an agonizing experience.

She found her happiness after being in the transition. While interviewing for a Brazilian TV show, she said she started intimacy and marital relations after the change.

She also revealed that her first sex was painful to Luciana Giminez. Even she had to stay in bed and took painkillers after that.

I called a surgeon in Thailand, and she told me it’s a normal pain. And there was a little blood.

Now Jessica is used to it and not getting pain anymore. I couldn’t be happier after seven months of my sex change.

Jessica is currently in her native Brazil in Sao Paulo- revealed that she would love to do a nude shoot for Playboy magazine. She also dreams of being a mother.

While talking about womb transplant, she said that womb surgery is possible, but I have a male pelvis. So, it’s impossible to enlarge, and I’d never been able to hold a baby.

I am very frustrated now as I love kids and wish to have my own, but now I’m focusing on other matters to start my family.

After consulting with many doctors in Turkey and the UK, I learned that surgery is possible, but I’m frustrated. Now in Brazil, I have taken many suggestions from doctors, which made me confused. 

They also agreed that it wouldn’t be possible to enlarge my pelvis if I felt pregnant.

Jessica also claimed that many trans women have privately undergone surgery in Brazil. However, this matter is never officially discussed.

Last week while speaking to MailOnline, Jessica confirmed that her doctor is ready to do surgery anonymously. She also stated that he confirmed not to do this procedure if it would be unsafe.

Jessica Alves also said that she always wished to fall pregnant naturally following a womb transplant. But according to MailOnline, it can’t be possible. 


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