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January 7, 2022

Zante Couple ‘Utilised £14,000 Earned From OnlyFans’ to Sustain Party Lifestyle

As stars on Channel 4’s Party Island, Harry and Becca opened up their lives to the world, showing viewers their sex toys cluttered flat and their favourite places to film racy content.

Becca was invited out to the island in the summer of 2021 by Harry. Where harry has worked on the island for many seasons as a rep. Becca, who began working with OnlyFans a year ago, flew out to join him.

They soon became a couple, and Harry now serves as a cameraman and boyfriend.
Posting saucy material on OnlyFans can be lucrative if you’re good at what you do.

Becca said she earned £14,000 on the site in her first month, allowing her to enjoy the island to the fullest.

It’s no surprise that she puts a lot of effort and dedication into the racy snaps she posts online.

“You have to make that picture good if a guy pays £60 for it,” Rebecca said.
It’s not impossible to get customers if you sell junk content.”

The cameras followed them to their comfy flat, where they created some of their saucy content.

Couples readily admit they have difficulty keeping track of all their gadgets, with sex toys scattered on the floor and under the bed.

Becca was refreshingly open about how her relationship with Harry dealt with her adult work.

It can be hard to live with someone when you do what you do. I have to be honest with Harry about the messages I receive. The relationship between us is one of openness, friendship, and honesty.

“If you can get through a relationship in Zante, you can do it anywhere.”. ‘We want to live well, so if this is the way, we must do it.
“I don’t care; it just works.”

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