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Mia Khalifa, an ex-Pornhub star, has thanked women on TikTok for joining OnlyFans, which she had previously ‘written off as not for her.

Building a substantial female following on TikTok gave Mia Khalifa the confidence to launch her own OnlyFans page.

Even after writing off joining the popular content sharing platform, Mia admits the fun she had on TikTok made her reconsider joining OnlyFans.

During an interview with Bustle, the former Pornhub actress talked about her no nonsense attitude toward subscribers clamouring for raunchier images.

A friend of Mia’s, Jenna Lee, who also has two million followers, revealed the secret behind her friend’s success on OnlyFans, where fans pay just under £10 per month to view.

In an interview with an online magazine, Mia, who has 32.8 million TikTok followers, said: “Instagram may be 25% women, but TikTok is in its mid-40s.”. For me, it’s a safe and fun platform.

“There are videos that have just women commenting, and I can sit in there and debate with them. ”

According to her, women on the social media app inspired her to start the OnlyFans account in September 2020. Because of its notoriety for pornography, Mia wrote it off for so long out of fear.

Jenna said that shooting each other’s OnlyFans content together in different Airbnbs without a production company has allowed Mia to be fully herself — something her followers cannot get enough of.

“People are drawn to a character, and Mia Khalifa wouldn’t be Mia Khalifa without her personality.”

“She’s outgoing and funny, and if someone were dictating the OnlyFans shoot, none of that would come out. We are ten times more successful because of how comfortable we feel.”

On the platform, Mia’s bio says, “Don’t be a c***! We deliver spicy, new exclusive content every single day”, which is one way to warn subscribers that the content is not rated X.

In response to a complaint about her content not being explicit enough, Mia says she’ll “tell them to shut up.” It was your fault for not reading the fine print. There was no nudity. Please respect the rebranding.”

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