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E Management Agency Reviews – Delilah

What was your OF experience before signing with EMA?
I was managing everything on my own. As my subscriber count grew, it became increasingly difficult to keep up with all the demands of managing my OF page. I also had a friend helping me out for a few months, but they were not very effective and did not bring in any significant revenue.


How has your account been impacted since signing with EMA?
The team has taken over both my VIP and paid pages, and they have been doing a great job in keeping everything organized and running smoothly. I am now able to focus more on creating quality content instead of stressing out about the day-to-day tasks of running my OF account.


What would you tell someone who’s considering signing with EMA?
I highly recommend signing with EMA. They are professionals who know what they are doing, and they have been able to produce the numbers to show for it. Although it may seem daunting to let someone else take over your page, EMA’s team is knowledgeable and efficient, and they will help you increase your revenue and subscriber count.


Do you feel like your account manager is addressing all your needs well?
I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a responsive and caring account manager. She always makes sure to keep me in the loop and address any concerns or questions I may have. Whenever I have a new idea or suggestion, she’s always willing to listen and work with me to implement it in a way that benefits my account. I never feel like my needs are being neglected or overlooked, and I appreciate the attention and care she puts into managing my account. It’s clear that she takes her job seriously and genuinely wants to help me succeed. I have no doubts about her ability to address all my needs effectively, and I feel lucky to be working with her.


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