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July 14, 2023

A Banker Who Killed a Member of OnlyFans During Sex Escapes a Life Sentence Since She Used Him to Power Her Business

OnlyFans model Carol Maltesi was killed by Davide Fontana, who battered her with a hammer during sex.

It has been determined that a banker who committed a homicide during sex has avoided the death penalty because she “had used him.”

In Italy, a court rejected the prosecution’s call to jail Davide Fontana for life and sentenced him to 30 years.

Maltese, a young mother who was 26 years old, was killed by Fontana, 44, using a hammer. He also slashed her throat. While filming a hardcore porn film, the OnlyFans star was bound and gagged.

Fontana also chopped up and kept her body in the freezer for months. In March last year, he dumped her remains at the bottom of a cliff in Borno, Italy.

When she first went missing, the killer sent messages from her phone to make it appear that she was still alive.

Despite all of this, judges did not find any aggravating factors of cruelty or premeditation to justify sentencing him to life in prison.

It has now been made public that their written judgment has been issued. Fontana recognized that Carol Maltesi had used him to some extent to further her professional and personal goals, which triggered the act of homicide.

“Judgment did not drive the defendant, but rather the sense of having lost the woman he loved, along with a growing frustration at having been mistreated by her.”

Before the gross murder, Fontana and Maltesi had been dating for a few months next door to each other.

It was discovered during the investigation that the murder occurred following the disclosure of her plans to move from Lombardy to Veneto to be near her eight-year-old son.

“It was evident that Carol Maltesi was distancing herself from him, rejecting him,” the judgment stated.

“According to a witness friend and his Jown admission, he loved the woman passionately and relied primarily on her because she had helped him overcome the loneliness he had previously suffered and enabled him to live a fulfilling, different life.

In the end, he was unable to bear the idea of losing stable contact with her.”

It added: “Whether direct or intentional intent was present in the criminal act, there was no premeditation.”

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