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July 11, 2023

A Billboard Model for OnlyFans Says, “It’s Time to Shed Outdated Moral Judgments”

As a 34-year-old model for OnlyFans, I never imagined my story would become a national topic of discussion. I was able to reclaim my life after overcoming an eating disorder, drug addiction, and homelessness.

My platform has allowed me to advocate for self-acceptance, empowerment, and the freedom to express our sexuality freely. I am one of the most successful OnlyFans models in the UK today.

I proudly placed four billboards in London with an image of me wearing a bra and my Instagram and Only Fans usernames, and then controversy struck.

Although some critics have referred to these advertisements as “pornographic” and inappropriate for public spaces, it is important to distinguish fact from fiction.

In the first instance, it is imperative to emphasize that my OnlyFans presence complies with UK pornography laws and that strict age verification measures have been put in place to prevent minors from gaining access.

On the contrary, my content does not exploit anyone and follows the exact boundaries of advertisements for lingerie and alcohol in public places.

I worked closely with advertising professionals to design billboards with the utmost respect for the public.

We sought to strike a balance between communicating my message to the hundreds of thousands of OnlyFans users in the UK while keeping the design visually appealing and tasteful for passers-by. I wanted to provide a clear path to those interested in learning more about my work.

Studies indicate that up to 92% of British men have viewed pornography, and boys between 16 and 17 are likelier to access it via social media than dedicated adult websites.

There appears to be a disconnect between those who express outrage over billboards and those who express anger over the free social networking apps installed on the mobile phones of their sons. It would be more appropriate to refocus concern on the issue of responsible access to explicit material.

PornHub has a larger audience than the BBC, yet our country is outraged at even the slightest hint of adult material in public. The contradiction illustrates the misplaced nature of outrage – perhaps even its disingenuous nature.

My OnlyFans page is a legal business venture. As with any other business, I collaborate with professional service providers.

Because of the large number of British people who consume pornography through OnlyFans, the billboards have been remarkably effective in attracting new clients and subscribers.

No domain, instructions, or QR codes were required for these individuals to know what to do.

Pornographic material can be accessed and consumed online, and this debate is essential. However, Independent creators who adhere to the law diligently are not to be pushed into the shadows.

Our efforts should be directed toward promoting open and honest discussions regarding navigating the digital age responsibly.

It is high time we celebrate self-expression, embrace the choices and aspirations of modern women and men, and acknowledge our agency over our bodies and sexuality.

As a society, we must shed the shackles of outdated moral judgment and place value on the empowerment and autonomy that comes from allowing individuals to forge their paths.

My mission is to inspire others to embrace their passions, break societal norms, and reclaim their confidence in a world where overcoming adversity requires unwavering resilience.

To foster a society where choice and acceptance are paramount, let us not stifle those who dare to challenge perceptions.

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