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May 3, 2022

A Couple Makes £10,000 a Month on OnlyFans By Attracting ‘Yorkshire Swingers’

Dressed up as Tarzan and Jane or wearing neon underwear, they do ‘almost everything’ to ‘please’ their customers.

Yorkshire swingers are the couple’s “most popular” customers on OnlyFans, with a monthly income of £10,000.

During the lockdown, Terri Martin, 29, quit her job as a shop assistant and signed up for the popular adult content subscription service. Michael, 32, admitted he was jealous of his wife’s decision to join the dating site before realizing the couple could make more money together.

In their 12-year relationship, the couple decided to pose for risqué pictures together – an avenue they had never explored before. They dress up in neon underwear, Tarzan and Jane costumes, and “love” catering to their customers’ needs.

Michael was “annoyed” when Terri began posing alone on the subscription site. I noticed that she was always on her phone and spending a lot of time doing it. I had no idea what OnlyFans was before I joined.

“Terri got lots of likes on her Facebook page and told me that people were asking for pictures of us together. At first, I said no, but I decided to do it after talking to Sarah.

” So at first I was jealous of her, but when she started showing me what it was all about, it made more sense. We’re not jealous anymore as we are working together.”

Michael, a former courier driver explained that the pair began making a lot more money when sharing pictures. The team, known as “Tee and Miks” on OnlyFans, charges £12.99 per month per person and £124.70 for a year’s subscription.

Michael continued: “We made a TikTok account and started doing live videos together in a hot tub. We’d get thousands of people watching – and then it just grew from there.

“People don’t realize how much work goes into OnlyFans. People who hear about it think they will be a millionaire the next thing they know – but it doesn’t work like that.

“Yes, you can make good money on it, but it takes a lot of work. We work 40 hours a week to get content out. We are very aware it is different from manual labor, and it is so much better than our jobs before.

“There’s a lot of promotion involved in the job too and hours spent editing etc. So, making £10,000 a month isn’t easy – and we hope to keep that growing more and more.”

Michael said the pair get predominantly couples interested in their content and some single people.

Getting £10,000 a month isn’t easy because there is a lot of promotion, hours spent editing, etc.

According to Michael, most of their audience consists of couples, but they also get some singles interested. We get a lot of people from Yorkshire who love our content. A lot of Yorkshire swingers have contacted us.

It is not our intention to meet up with people – we only post content online for people to enjoy. We are very active on Admire Me and Only Fans.

“We used to post just what we wanted to show, but now we cater to people’s preferences. We have one man who comes in every Friday to buy 30 pictures.”

Michael said the couple had had a lot of success in their new career, but people “think it’s weird they’re doing it as a married couple.” Terri’s mother calls her new job an “act of prostitution,” he claims, and adds that they receive a lot of negativity online even though they have a lot of support.

I always tell people getting into it can be good, but you have to be prepared to not make much money at first. You have to keep going and build your profile, and you will get there.

If you set yourself a goal and keep pushing, it’s possible.” They hope to grow their online profile as much as possible in hopes they can retire at 40 and live a comfortable life.”

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