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April 7, 2024

A Star of “The Sopranos” Named Drea de Matteo Says that Her Son Doesn’t Like that She’s on OnlyFans

He needs to be reminded of where their money comes from.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, everyone learned about Drea de Matteo through The Sopranos. She has continued to work as an actor since then, but she recently admitted that she’s been having a hard time making ends meet.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, she said that creating an account on OnlyFans “saved” her and her family’s lives and finances. Even though de Matteo has been making a lot of money, her 12-year-old son Waylon disagrees.

She went on The Sage Steele Show and talked about how her kids adjust to her new job. She has to tell her son where the money comes from every time he complains about what she does.

“Do you like the jacket you asked me to buy for you?” Are you happy with everything you want? You like the computer you asked for for Christmas, right? She said, “Because you wouldn’t have that s–t if Mommy didn’t show her a–!”

As an example of her “no-filter” parenting style, she told her kids what to do if they were picked on because their mom had a side job. She said: “If they say anything, say, ‘Those boobies fed me when I was a baby, and they’re still feeding me now.”

Before he joined OnlyFans, de Matteo needed help with money. “They put me into foreclosure, and my house had flooded, so I was trying to sell the house quickly… before they took it,” she told sources in February.

“At the same time, I lost my mom, and my aged mom had no more money to pay her caretaker.” I needed to find out which way was up.

Her bank account grew very quickly since she chose to use the site. She said, “I kept putting up more pictures.” “I thought, ‘Holy crap!'” They kept the sale of my house, but I could pay them back in five minutes.

It helped us. Without a doubt, OnlyFans saved my life. “I still can’t believe I said that, but it did save us,” she said. “Go ahead and judge me and put me down if you want to.” I hope you never have to care for two little kids like I did.

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