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April 15, 2024

A Wisconsin Guy Receives 20 Years For Holding a Captive and Compelling a Lady to Stream On OnlyFans

The 30-year-old acknowledged engaging in underage sex trafficking as well. A River Falls man was found guilty of sexually abusing a juvenile girl and holding a lady captive to force her to stream pornographic material online. He was given a 20-year sentence in federal prison.

After he is released from custody, Austin Koeckeritz, 30, will also be on lifelong supervised release after he admitted to two counts of sex trafficking in November.

Koeckeritz allegedly used “violence, threats of violence, emotional manipulation, isolation and surveillance to recruit and then compel” a woman to perform online sex acts, according to the Western Wisconsin U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Beginning in January 2021 and lasting for eighteen months, she was made to stream for eight to twelve hours every day, six days a week, on the content subscription site OnlyFans and other websites. Koeckeritz would lock her up and steal the money she made from the streaming services.

In addition, he pushed an adolescent girl to engage in sexual acts with the young woman and abused her sexually on several occasions. According to earlier reports, Keockeritz’s former partner was the victim, and the little girl he trafficked was a relative.

After a joint investigation by the River Falls Police Department and the FBI Milwaukee Field Office, he was apprehended. This should send a strong message that those who traffic in sex and attempt to hide behind computer screens to exploit victims online will be found out and dealt with.

“The Justice Department is steadfast in its resolve to prosecute human trafficking offences in all their forms and to defend the adult survivors and children who are the targets of these abusers.”

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