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October 23, 2023

After Making Million Dollars, OnlyFans Model Annie Knight Says She Feels Empowered

Annie makes around $1,000 a day from her side hustle on OnlyFans. Annie Knight, 26, from Australia, is making headlines for her candid confession about her active sex life.

‘Australia’s most sexually active woman’ claims to have slept with 300 people in a year. Annie isn’t afraid to talk about sex.

She discussed her perspective on The Kylie Jackie O Show. An OnlyFans model said that sex empowers her and makes her feel good. It’s manageable for Annie; it’s fun and exciting. Despite its messiness, she finds it quite appealing since she believes ‘the messier, the better.’

To meet her sexual partners, Annie uses OnlyFans collaborations, dating apps, and a list of people she meets regularly.

Some men she encounters might try to cuddle after, but she’s not into it.

OnlyFans is Annie’s side hustle, and she’s among the top 0.4% of creators there.

Even though she’s successful, she’s been trolled online, mostly by guys. Especially when it comes to her appearance, they make hurtful comments.

As a result of her side gig, Annie got fired from her marketing job. Despite that, she’s not regretting it. With OnlyFans, she’s happier, making more money, and has more freedom to create content.

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