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April 4, 2024

Case of Courtney Clenney: Notes From the OnlyFans Model Reveal a Tumultuous Relationship Before Death

Prosecutors will probably utilize the cellphone notes that Local 10 News has acquired and turned into evidence to support their case against OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney, who killed her lover in their Miami high-rise precisely two years ago, according to the authorities.

Authorities claim that on April 3, 2022, during a furious dispute within their apartment at the One Paraiso building in Edgewater, Clenney, who is currently 27 years old, fatally stabbed Christian Obumseli.

Local 10 News aired body camera footage of the stabbing moments on Monday. The notes on the cellphone could offer insights into events leading up to that deadly day.

Clenney kept a journal using her Notes app. Among the hundreds of notes found on her phone are warnings to remain composed and memos detailing abuse.

A note on Clenney’s phone says, “Gave me a bunch of kisses and said good morning and I love you baby a few times,” just one day before the stabbing.

Another note says, precisely two months earlier, “But now I’m just f-ing abusive.” For what reason is that the case? He and I are becoming more and more hideous. Perhaps it’s because of me, or maybe I’m finally exposing his actual nature. He frequently claimed to have problems with rage, but there was a valid explanation, so I don’t think that matters.

Some, like the August 2021 message labeled “Words hurt,” discuss abuse.

The statement says, “Stop hitting him out of frustration—it relieves tension but has long-term effects on his self-esteem when he looks in the mirror and is unacceptable in any relationship in general.”

“He hates me for hitting him, thinks my alcohol abuse is pathetic, and I don’t have as many friends as he does,” she said in another note.

Videos that have surfaced after the stabbing show a turbulent and violent relationship, with arguments breaking out in the elevator of their building and during a trip to Aspen.

The stabbing was done in self-defense, according to Clenney and her legal team, but the prosecution claims it was second-degree murder.

Prosecutors will use the information on Clenney’s phone to support their claims. They contend that Obumseli is the victim of an unstable and abusive relationship and that Clenney is the aggressor.

Clenney is still being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center without bond.

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