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July 17, 2023

During a Boxing Match, OnlyFans Boxers Whitney Johns and Amber O’Donnell Kiss Each Other

At Kingpyn Boxing’s show in Dublin on Saturday night, Johns and O’Donnell exchanged kisses before their fight.

OnlyFans boxer Amber O’Donnell surprised Whitney Johns by kissing her during their staredown.

Kingpyn Boxing’s High Stakes tournament concludes Saturday night with the semi-finals between O’Donnell and Johns.

The duo will not advance to the next round due to their defeats in the quarterfinals in April, putting them in the women’s losers bracket.

Both women wore risque outfits during their ceremonial weigh-ins at the 3Arena in Dublin on Friday. O’Donnell planted a small kiss in her opponent’s direction in her face-to-face with Johns.

The pair then broke into laughter as O’Donnell kissed Johns.

At the pre-fight press conference, Johns admitted she adored her opponent O’Donnell. Johns said, “It was hard to lose in the quarterfinals. It was both humbling and motivating if you allow it to be,” he said.

In the wake of that first fight, I worked much harder, and this training camp was different. The opponent will be completely different from the previous one. Our styles complement one another, and I am looking forward to the upcoming fight because I genuinely enjoy Amber’s company.

It will be exciting, I have to punch her in the face and beat that ass, but I love her as much. I have heard from some of her interviews that she intends to be more aggressive at night, so I believe we will bring it to the table. The more pressure we apply, the more fun we will have.”

The actress respected Johns, saying, ” Like Whitney, I love her! I think it’s going to be a heartfelt fight.”

The fight will be a gruelling five rounds, but I do not anticipate either of us stopping the other.”

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