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April 2, 2024

Joey Swoll Says That a Model for OnlyFans Who Films Herself “Stretching” “Has No Place In The Gym”

“It made all the trainers and all the clients very uncomfortable.” An OnlyFans model was caught taking videos for her Instagram in the gym, and Joey Swoll has spoken out about it.

The person who calls himself the “CEO of Gym Positivity” is known for commenting on popular videos of people misbehaving at gyms and asking whether the behavior is appropriate for the gym.

And what is the new subject of one of Swoll’s videos about? A person who made material for OnlyFans and went to the gym to record herself “stretching.”

She says that a trainer at the ONYX gym where he works out sent him a video of a girl who “came in under a fake name” taking “stretching videos.”

The video shows a woman stretching on the ground while a man stands behind her with a camera and records as she bends her back and lifts her bum up in the air.

“It made all the trainers and clients very uncomfortable,” Swoll says. “So I sent this to owner Griff, who’s a good friend of mine, and was very happy to see his response.” Griff texted Swoll that he had seen what happened and “kicked her [the OnlyFans content creator] out.”

He called her behavior “disgusting” and said that his trainers sent him the video, which meant that he “had to leave his meeting to go kick her out.”

After being kicked out, Karli, whose Instagram name is @sheiskarli, shared a selfie in a mirror to her Instagram story.

That’s what it said: “We back. Gryphon, I’m sorry that my stretching movie got too sexy.” Next time, I’ll make it less sexy. In reaction to the story, Swoll called Karli’s answer “sarcastic” and asked if the creator of OnlyFans was “just stretching.”

“When you go to her page, you see that she posts content just like this in busy commercial gyms to promote her OnlyFans,” he says.

“I have Nothing against OnlyFans; make money how you want, but this content has no place in the gym.”

Swoll replied, “More gyms need to start doing what ONYX did and kicking out male and female content creators who make this kind of content.” As I told the young woman, respect yourself. If you can’t respect yourself, respect the people around you at the gym. It would help if you did better. “Take care of yourself.”

And people have had something to say about it in no time. Someone on Instagram said, “They should make it illegal to record at gyms.” Recording at gyms gets out of hand and is overused.

“I laughed out loud!!” “What the hell is wrong with people?” asked someone else.

A third said, “Anyone else remember when people went to the gym to, oh, you know, work out?”

What do you think?

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