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April 5, 2024

Leah McSweeney, Star of RHONY, Says She Makes More Money In a Week on OnlyFans Than She Does In a Whole Bravo Season

The weekly billing amount for Leah McSweeney is roughly $8,000.

Leah McSweeney, who left Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York and opened her OnlyFans account, says she makes more money in a week than in a whole season of the well-known reality TV program. She prefers the freedom of the digital platform over the censorship that prevails in other sources.

Leah McSweeney commended OnlyFans for being an uncensored platform.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, new digital platforms gained popularity and became a considerable income source for independent artists. One example of this is OnlyFans, which pays more than reality shows.

During her appearances on TV shows, McSweeney claimed that she makes more money in a week with her Only Fans account than she did in an interview with the podcast Sofia with an F.

“I’m making a ton of money, which is amazing,” said a beaming McSweeney, who devotes more of her attention to creating content for her platforms. “Money-wise, a week is more than a season. Why didn’t I create an account on Onlyfans earlier?”

What Is Leah McSweeney’s Weekly Salary On OnlyFans?

Leah McSweeney’s account has 3,200 subscribers, each paying $10, or $32K, monthly. McSweeney’s content viewing fee is among the most reasonable on the platform compared to other OnlyFans like Blac Chyna, who charge $19.99 monthly.

McSweeney bills a weekly total of about $8,000 with these monthly revenues.

In contrast to social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, McSweeney said that users on OnlyFans are not subject to censorship-based algorithmic recommendations.

Her statement, “I f–king love OnlyFans,” “There is no censorship on this fantastic network. They are not continually confronted with advertisements.

No negative algorithms are pushing false information there. I sense help. I’m generating income. I’m able to express myself. It’s enjoyable. I adore it. On it, I’m using my imagination. It’s awesome.”

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