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July 16, 2023

OnlyFans Rival Astrid Wett Finds Elle Brooke’s Brutal Defeat at Kingpyn Humorous

OnlyFans rival Astrid Wett taunted ELLE BROOKE after she lost her first boxing match.

In the KingPyn influencer boxing tournament semi-finals on Saturday night, adult star Brooke faced off against TikToker Jully Poca.

Poca’s Brazilian fans packed Dublin’s 3Arena for a thriller between the two.

Despite their best efforts, Brooke lost by a point after five rounds. In contrast, fellow adult entertainer Wett appeared to feel no sympathy for Brooke, tweeting: “Astrid Wett on top baby. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

“I would like to thank everyone who came out and cheered for me, even my haters,” Poca said after winning.

The only people who have followed me know what I have been through here. I am pleased to thank God and inform you that this is Brazil.

“I want to thank Elle Brooke, she was a tough opponent and the first one to give me a nosebleed. “It is also my cornerback’s birthday, so what better birthday present could there be than that.”

Fans online hailed the fight as the best fight of all time between two female influencers, although Brooke was left battered and bruised after the loss.

The commentator said this was the best female influencer fight he had ever seen. According to another commentator: “Jully Poca gives Elle Brooke her first loss in the world of female influencer boxing.”

Another told us: “Great fight between Elle Brooke and Jully Poca.” “The best female influence boxing fight so far.”



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