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July 20, 2023

PinkyDoll, a TikToker & OnlyFans Star, Reveals Her Staggering Earnings

A clip from one of PinkyDoll’s live streams (real name Fedha Sinon) was shared on Twitter earlier this month, causing her live stream to go viral on Twitter.

As PinkyDoll pops individual kernels of popcorn using a flat iron, she repeatedly repeats phrases such as “ice cream so good, yum yum,” and “yes, yes, yes.”

In response to this bizarre moment, streamers have acted like non-player characters (NPCs) in video games on social media. As a result, it has become one of the hottest fads on the internet, and PinkyDoll says she is making a significant amount of money with it.

TikToker’ NPC’ PinkyDoll Earns Thousands of Dollars Per Stream

PinkyDoll says she makes about “$7,000 a day” on OnlyFans, Instagram, and her TikTok streams combined in an interview with the New York Times.

During a TikTok stream, viewers send the creator virtual stickers that cost real money, which she earns between $2,000 and $3,000.

When viewers send PinkyDoll a sticker, she responds with a phrase such as “ice cream so good” when prompted.

PinkDoll told the Times about her business venture, “I was just being cute.” “One person told me you looked like an NPC. 

For her streams, PinkyDoll also draws inspiration from characters in Grand Theft Auto. “When I learned what an NPC is, I was like, ‘I’m going to do it like them’,” she said – although she may not be entirely certain what it is.

Another creator claimed she earned $700 during the first three hours of an ‘NPC’ stream after her broadcast went viral. PinkyDoll is not the only ‘NPC TikToker making money from her Twitter streams.


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