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March 17, 2024

Sami Sheen, 20, and Her Boyfriend Share a Steamy Shower Photo While They Collaborate to Create Content For OnlyFans

Fans enjoy being teased by Sami Sheen! The 20-year-old daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards left her fans wanting more on Thursday, March 14, when she shared a passionate post-shower photo to her Instagram Story. She smooched her boyfriend, Aiden David, while only sporting a towel.

“Did u like it?” Sami shared a mirror image of herself and Aiden cuddling while wearing similar white towels. They captioned the photo with a link to her OnlyFans site, where the couple has just started sharing couple-related content.

Three months after the well-known offspring’s 18th birthday, in June 2022, the brunette bombshell debuted on the explicit, subscription-based platform.

At a young age, Sami initially received criticism for becoming a— worker on OnlyFans, but she didn’t let the haters stop her from pursuing her dream job. Instead, the social media star kept posting whenever she pleased.

Only a few days had passed since Sami’s sultry shower post, marking the official end of her adolescent years as the daughter of the actor of Two and a Half Men celebrated her 20th birthday with Aiden and a few pals.

“A toast to a fresh decade! Featuring a solitary photo of the beauty posing on the beach with her gorgeous cake and a large bouquet”, another picture of her and Aiden sharing a kiss, multiple photos of her girl group of friends, and a few shots of the picturesque picnic on the sand, she set up for her special day, Sami captioned the post with the hashtag “#20.”

Sami and Aiden, who both have social media followings, appear inseparable lately as they recently returned from an enthralling trip to Hawaii.

Adorably, the couple shared nearly identical pictures of themselves from their tropical vacation, posing in the sea and sporting swimwear, all while donning straw hats.

Sami titled her version of the upload, “My new fav[orite] island,” while Aiden joked, “Who took this? OMFG.”

Aiden said on his profile, “It feels almost like I live here,” and his girlfriend wrote, “Jesus Christ, you’re hot,” along with the words, “I wonder where you got the hat.”

Apart from her passion for her partner, traveling, and satisfying OnlyFans, Sami appears to be doing exceptionally well since having plastic surgery at the end of the previous year.

In November 2023, Sami had implants to increase her chest size. She shared pictures of the procedure with her social media fans.

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