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October 31, 2023

Sami Sheen’s OnlyFans Career Gave Charlie Sheen a Knee-Jerk Reaction

Sami Sheen’s decision to launch a career on OnlyFans initially upset Charlie Sheen, but now he’s back on board.

“Given its reputation, I had a knee-jerk reaction to it,” he said recently. “I thought it could only get worse.”

It’s not what he usually does, but because his and his ex Denise Richards’ child was involved, he felt differently this time. He shared that giving her love and support would be better than criticizing her.

She’s doing this, and with my support, her mom’s, and others’ support, she’ll have a much more pleasant experience. “I must believe that all her virtues and wonderful qualities come with her. She’s incorruptible.”

It’s going well for her so far, selling racy content online. The 19-year-old says she’s never felt more confident about her body since joining the adult website. “Probably my subscribers,” she said. “They’re the best.”

In the wake of her controversial career move, Sami has become much more open with her parents. Her parents have been “more honest” with her since she started asking them about their pasts.

“It’s nice they can talk to me about mistakes they’ve made and funny stories I’m not aware of,” she said.

She joked that it would be different if her famous parents had been lawyers or conservatives. “They get it – therefore they cannot be mad!”

It’s fine! Sources said Charlie was upset when he learned his daughter would be selling content for OnlyFans. “We believe Denise should have done more to steer Sami away from such a sleazy career,” Charlie recalled, believing she should have learned from his mistakes.
Denise, however, approves of her daughter’s life choices.

Having opened an account, my daughter received a lot of backlash. OnlyFans had caught my attention, but I didn’t fully understand what it was; once I got to know it, the creator of the site had taken the best of social media platforms and combined them into one. Everybody posts pictures of themselves in bathing suits on Instagram and other sites, regardless of whether they own the content.

Bustle spoke with Sami and Charlie about their relationship and her career.

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