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October 27, 2023

The Middleton Family Is to Blame For The Model’s New Career As a Pornographer

A company that owed money to the Middletons’ now-defunct party supply company laid her off, she says.

OnlyFans model plastered posters around Kate Middleton’s hometown, claiming she was laid off after her family’s business went under with £2.6 million in debt.

According to Molly Brash, Carole, and Michael Middleton, they failed to pay their debts – leaving their creditors and suppliers scrambling after the company folded.

The Middleton family’s hometown of Bucklebury has been plastered with posters saying, “This is what I’ve turned to!!” with a photo of Molly and the OnlyFans and Instagram logos and 50% off OnlyFans ads.

The posters also said, “Party Pieces Holding Ltd hasn’t paid their creditors!”

The model told The Sun that the campaign isn’t a publicity stunt, and she wants to emphasize how loss of jobs can affect employees.

“It’s important to emphasize that if you don’t pay your creditors, it affects all employees, not just one. This is why I say I was made redundant as a result of this.”

I deserve something back after being laid off, as you can see from the photo, she continued. “That’s my opinion.”

In response to the outlet’s question, Molly said: “Do you think being unfairly treated means not paying millions owed or being laid off? I think I was wronged, and others.”

The posters are still in Bucklebury, but many residents have taken them down. Residents of Bucklebury, including Sharon Fry, were outraged that the Middletons had to put up with such rubbish.

It’s been taken down by the staff at [Middleton’s] farm when they see them. According to Sue Rixon, another town resident, the posters shouldn’t be seen.

“They’re rude and out of place in this quiet, idyllic area,” she said. I hope somebody takes them down. They’re right outside the farm gate where kids can see them. It’s half-term, so there are a lot of kids around.

In June 2023, The Middletons sold Party Pieces. Founded in 1987, the company sold party supplies and decorations via catalogs. She has yet to name the company that laid her off.

The Guardian says the company suffered greatly during the Covid-19 pandemic after parties and other gatherings were canceled.

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