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July 18, 2023


During Ami Gan’s leadership of the digital media platform, which ended in June 2023, the company experienced strong growth. It increased its user base to over 220 million fans and over 3 million creators. It reached a milestone of $10 billion in creator payments in 2023. To pursue new endeavors, she has stepped down from her position.

“She led OnlyFans through great growth, and we’re extremely grateful to her,” said Lee Taylor, OnlyFans’ Chief Financial Officer.

In announcing Keily Blair’s appointment and the addition of Sue Beeby and Matt Reeder to the executive team, Lee Taylor stated, “I am pleased to announce Keily Blair’s appointment as CEO. Keily has been an integral part of OnlyFans’ strategic direction for the past 18 months, helping it reach its goal of becoming the safest social media platform on the planet.

With her connection to our creator community and her vision for the platform’s future, her leadership will enable us to disrupt and innovate in monetizing the creator economy, thus continuing to attract fans and creators around the world.”

Previously, Blair served as OnlyFans’ Chief Strategy and Operations Officer. She is an award-winning lawyer and seasoned business leader. As OnlyFans’ CSOO, Blair was responsible for formulating, driving, and communicating to users, commercial partners, and other key stakeholders OnlyFans’ strategic initiatives and future goals.

Besides Blair’s appointment, two more appointments have been made to the company’s C-suite. Sue Beeby, OnlyFans’ VP of Communications, will serve as Chief Communications Officer instead of Matt Reeder, the company’s Deputy General Counsel.

As a former Marine Corps officer, Matt Reeder gained leadership experience in combat zones, worked for a Senator, and defended the Department of the Navy in federal court. The unique skill set he brings to his new position results from his background in the creative arts.

Sue Beeby has been advising multinational companies on communications for over twenty years. As a special adviser to the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK Government, she also spent ten years in frontline politics.

According to CEO Keily Blair, the leadership changes are as follows:

“OnlyFans only succeeds when creators succeed. This is an exciting time for the company, and I am delighted to be taking on the role of CEO for the company. It is the mission of OnlyFans to provide creators and fans around the globe with a platform of choice. We aim to put our creators at the center of our decisions and to provide an inclusive, safe, and innovative platform for them to promote their content.”

“Matt Reeder and Sue Beeby are welcome to our executive team. The expertise they bring will further strengthen our leadership team. My best wishes to Ami for her future endeavors.”

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