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April 6, 2024

The Staggering Britney Spears OnlyFans’s Possible Earnings Were Revealed, and They’re MORE Than She’s Ever Made From Music

Britney Spears has said she will never work in the music business again.

However, the 42-year-old former singer could make a lot of money by writing raunchy content for the website OnlyFans.

Over the past few years, the X-rated website has seen a massive influx of real celebrities ready to show their sexier sides to fans in exchange for millions of dollars. 

Like Britney, Bella Thorne used to be a child star and made a record $1 million in her first 24 hours on the site. Denise Richards, a former Bond Girl, is said to have made as much as $2 million a month. 

According to experts, though, Britney could be better than all. 

Sources talked to Celeste Franklyn, manager of OnlyFans at Plush, the top OnlyFans agency in Miami. Sritney’s site earnings could be higher than her music and touring earnings.

Celeste said, “Based on all the statistics I’ve looked at, I think she will make between $13 million and $18 million in the first month after the launch.”

“In the coming months, her income will probably level off at around $6 million to $9 million a month because people will not be as interested in her as they were initially.”

Britney’s OnlyFans job could make her more prosperous than the music business ever did, with earnings of well over $100 million a year. Piece of Me, the star’s most recent tour, only made $54 million in 2018.

Celeste thinks the Toxic singer would be one of the best-paid artists on OnlyFans if she joined, along with rapper Iggy Azalea.

However, she says Britney must be brilliant about the content she posts on OnlyFans because 65% of her fans are women.

“For Spears to be successful on OnlyFans, she would have to make the content very different,” she said.

To keep men interested, it would be wiser to market the OnlyFans content as exclusive fan content with some explicit content rather than directly marketing the page to men. This would be like having an exclusive page without filtering or censorship. 

Celeste also said that Britney’s press rollout and account management would have to be “meticulous” if she wanted to make the most money. “Everything about the launch of her page must be carefully thought out,” Celeste said.

Besides that, the quality and consistency of her material would get a lot better first.

When asked for comments, OnlyFans and Britney’s management refused. According to sources, the Slumber Party singer doesn’t want to join OnlyFans, even though she could make money on the site. 

TMZ says she isn’t on OnlyFans because she doesn’t want to be “associated with the explicit side of the platform.” TMZ says they talked to the star’s team directly before her split from Sam Asghari and had “some initial conversations about her joining.”

In the end, she passed, and she chose to follow the community standards on the social media accounts she already had.

Britney doesn’t hold back when she wants to show off her curves for free on social media.

She shares a lot of racy videos of herself dancing in revealing clothes, like a red latex devil mask and only her knickers. The pop princess has also shared very revealing pictures of herself with no clothes on, only tiny emojis to cover her modesty. 

Britney said in her autobiography last year that posing naked makes her “happy.” It’s funny, but many people don’t get why I love taking pictures of myself naked or in new clothes, she wrote.

“However, I think they’d understand that I enjoy posting how I feel sexy and taking my pictures if they had been pushed and posed for other people’s approval thousands of times.”

Forbes said in 2021 that Britney’s net worth was $60 million, less than that of other pop stars like Beyoncé and Katy Perry.

In January, she told everyone that she was leaving the music business for good and had no plans to make a new album.

“They keep telling me I’m hiring random people to work on a new album…” She wrote on Instagram, “I will never return to the music business!”

On the other hand, the star says she’s been writing songs for other singers without their permission, which would earn her royalties from publishing. Her best-selling book, The Woman In Me, makes her the most money.

Britney received an advance payment of $12.5 million for the book and 25% of the net income. 


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