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April 12, 2024

Two Identical Twins Who Have An Account On OnlyFans Say Their Boyfriends Have Become “Jealous” of Their Relationship

Even though April and Amelia always put each other first, that can be hard for different people. Two sets of identical twin sisters who share an OnlyFans account talked about how their ex-boyfriends were “jealous” of their relationship and how they could fix that.

After working as strippers at a local men’s club when they were 18, April and Amelia from Australia set up their OnlyFans account because they knew they could make more money online.

Although they are now 20, the twins still live and work together and prioritize each other. Even though they have a strong bond, Amelia has said things can get more complicated when one gets a boyfriend.

She said, “We are really, really close, and when boyfriends come along, we spend less time together alone.”

Amy says she used to feel “jealous” when her sister was dating while she was single because April would “spend a lot of time with him and not so much time with [her].” “We always want to feel we are the top priority in each other’s life,” she told me.

Despite this, the twins have found a balance in their relationships. Amelia even says the twins have hung out with one of their boyfriends, which may sound “weird.”

“The two people, the other twin, and I often hang out,” she said. Having another person there really changes the couple’s (and sister’s) dynamic, she added, “That can be hard on all of us.”

The “secret twin language” April and Amelia use to talk to each other, which includes little glances and references they’ve made up, can make men feel left out.

Amelia said, “Sometimes having to think twice about it with someone else there is weird.”

“I love spending time with April alone, but it can be tough when she’s seeing someone and spending a lot of time with them.”

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