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October 11, 2021

5 Must-Avoid Mistakes that Are Making You Lose Money on OnlyFans

OnlyFans may appear to be a simple post and earn website. However, it requires much more than posting and leaving for the day. There are quite a few mistakes that first-time influencers, and even veteran influencers, tend to make when working with Onlyfans. From simple paywall mistakes to not having a schedule, here are 5 mistakes to avoid on OnlyFans that will result in loss of money.

Paywall Mistakes

There are two major paywall mistakes. The first is if a majority of content is free for viewers. If so, it’s doubtful an influencer will make money on OnlyFans. Influencers who have a majority of their content set as free will only show the viewers that paying for content is not worth it because they will expect more free content in the end.

The second is when influencers are putting effort into their content, but charging too little. There is a belief that their content isn’t worth as much when in reality, it’s worth much more. Charging too little may appear to bring in more followers, but influencers will only lose money–especially compared to the effort they put in.

No Consistency

Not posting often is a fate that most OnlyFan influencers seem to meet. Consistency is key when being an influencer, and an inconsistent schedule shows the audience the unreliability and uncaring attitude of the influencer. This will result in fewer people interacting and supporting the influencer. Having an inconsistent schedule will result in a loss of money and no following.

Showing No Engagement

OnlyFan tips are one of the best ways to earn extra money, but showing little to no engagement with the following will result in no tips. Subscribers are people who have supported the influencer both monetarily and emotionally, and the best thing they can do is give back to the following. 

The best way to do so is by being engaging. Influencers can show their gratitude by interacting with their following and showing them how much their support means. Without the engagement, the support for the influencer will drop, and they will lose their following.

No Post Variety

When figuring out how to make money on OnlyFans, the first thought that comes to mind is mindlessly posting content to gain traction and money. However, success requires more than just posting content without much effort.

Followers who are required to pay to view content aren’t fish waiting for the same bait. They’re observant and are rightfully determined to get what they pay for. If posted content is either a repeat post or similar to the last few posts, they will quickly call the bluff and avoid spending money on this influencer. Much like when showing no consistency, lack of variety shows the followers what little gratitude the influencer has.

Not Asking for Professional Help

Not considering hiring an OnlyFans moderator is a crucial mistake that influencers tend to make when starting their OnlyFans journey. It can be hard to maintain an account alone, especially if an influencer doesn’t fully understand everything about the website.

By hiring an OnlyFans manager, influencers can improve their efficiency, time, and management skills when working. Expert Onlyfans management services can ease the stress and tension that comes with managing an account. They can help improve content and post content on a consistent schedule, as they can provide a different perspective and management service.

EMA Can Help You Avoid These Mistakes

E Management Agency (EMA) is a full-service OnlyFans agency that’s striving to make OnlyFans a comfortable, relatable, and encouraging experience by empowering female entrepreneurs. Our company is centered on growing and managing OnlyFans accounts with an all-female account management staff. We will provide the best OnlyFans agent for your account because we want you to feel comfortable in your skin. Reclaim your time and freedom and visit EMA or contact us at to enhance your OnlyFans account management.

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