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April 21, 2024

A Star of OnlyFans Defends Herself After Being Criticized For Sleeping With 122 “College Students” Over Spring Break

Bonnie Blue talked about what made the move “good.” A star of OnlyFans is talking about the sexual things she did over spring break that caused a lot of controversy.

Bonnie Blue, 24, has been the talk of the town lately after she said she slept with more than 100 young guys over spring break in three weeks. Bonnie is from the UK but now lives in Australia. She recently took a quick trip to Mexico to work on material with students there.

Bonnie says she slept with 122 young guys in 21 days and made about $250,000. Bonnie said of her sexual antics, “The college students had a good spring break, but I gave them one to remember.”

“Many people who went on spring break said it brought them closer together. They had a great time, and so did I!” She said it was an “incredible success” for her and the guys she slept with.

Bonnie and her sexual partners may have been happy with her services, but other people were not so happy, and the British-born content maker got some bad feedback. Last year, she did something similar during “Schoolies Week Down Under,” which went viral. It also got her in trouble.

On the other hand, Bonnie doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong and argues that it is suitable for everyone.

“We will never make content without getting the right permissions first,” she said. In other words, the interested guys had to show proof that they were over 18 years old and were told that the material was only for our OnlyFans accounts.

Bonnie said, “A lot of students on spring break will expect to get laid.” For the women on vacation who don’t want to be bothered by young guys and want to hang out with their friends, I think having women like us who already favor it is a good thing.

“The benefit for the young men themselves is that they are guaranteed to have positive and enjoyable experiences with us because we know what we are doing and how to please a guy!”

Bonnie has said that she wants to make similar videos during UK freshers’ week with Leilani May, another star of OnlyFans.

Leilani also went to Mexico with Bonnie since people were worried when the two shot at Australian high school seniors last year, they released a statement.

It said, “We’re glad we were able to bring attention to the importance of making content with real people that is realistic and relatable.”

“We’re looking forward to continuing this style of adult content and taking it to spring break, US & freshers week, UK.”

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