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November 13, 2022

A 51-Year-Old Former WWE Diva Who Has Become An OnlyFans Sensation

The number of celebrities joining OnlyFans keeps growing, including former WWE Diva Lisa Marie Varon.

After retiring from wrestling in 2009, she became one of the best 21st-century WWE Divas.

Lisa Marie Varon: Who Is She?

As she looks to boost her earnings post-wrestling, Lisa Marie Varon uses the stage name Victoria on OnlyFans.

Her bio on OnlyFans states, “Check out my life after wrestling!”

Welcome to my crazy life; I apologize right now,” she said.

She charges a fee of 25 dollars for her subscription-based platform, and she is 51 years old.

Additionally, she made a comeback at the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble but lost to the fifth contestant.

The number of celebrities joining OnlyFans, including former WWE Diva Lisa Marie Varon, continues to grow.

She said, “I didn’t want to be that bitter veteran you meet at Comic-Con who talks so badly about the industry.”

“I wanted to appreciate and love what I did.”


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