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November 18, 2022

A 6ft Tall Woman Makes £250k A Month On OnlyFans Because Height Is Her ‘Superpower’

OnlyFans helped Marie Temara, 27, feel more confident about her height after years of feeling insecure about it. People are attracted to super-long legs, and men can’t get enough of them.

On OnlyFans, a 6ft 2in tall woman earns £250,000 a month because of her height.
Insecure about her 4ft 5in legs for years, Marie Temara, 27, from Miami, US, found fame on social media.
She once considered height reduction surgeries but now enjoys wearing high heels and embraces being tall.

Instead of bullying her and calling her a “giant”, as former classmates did during her school days, her fans praise her for her tall stature.
Since Marie “didn’t want to be taller”, she never wore or owned a pair of heels, but now she struts around in them.

Marie’s mum, Christine, 60, is 6ft 5in, her dad, Mike, 61, is 6ft 3in, while her brothers, Shane and Troy, are both 6ft 9in and 6ft 10in.
Since her mother had short hair and a tall build, she was nicknamed “Chris” like a man.

She was also known as the “Jolly Green Giant”.
Christine and Marie often have to buy male clothes or avoid wearing trousers because they have long limbs.

Using OnlyFans, Marie makes up to £250,000 per month as a former accountant.
Monthly earnings on the adult platform average around £160,000.
Model and content creator Marie said she used to want to shrink, but now she loves being tall.
When I was a teenager, I researched height reduction surgeries.
I never owned or wore heels.
When a video went viral on social media, I got a lot of positive feedback about my height.
“I make a career out of my height. I feel more confident.”

Marie’s platform has also helped Christine gain confidence since she was bullied.
Due to her unique appearance, she felt she was never able to “fit in” and had a variety of nicknames.
Upon hearing that her daughter had been bullied for her height, the mother called it “horrible.”
“Every day, people stare at me or ask how tall I am,” she said.
“The only things that fit me are men’s shorts and three-quarter lengths.”

Marie enjoys getting attention because she’s tall and loves hearing people compliment her mom.
Her success is attributable to the fact that many people have a fetish for giants, and she believes that her height makes her unique.
She said: “I am supposed to pick up small guys or dress like a ‘she Hulk.'”
” It’s great.”

Before now, she wouldn’t have dated anyone more petite than her, but now she’s looking for a “short king”.
“Now I’m open to shorter men – a short king,” she said.

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