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August 10, 2023

A Police Swoop On The OnlyFans Model As She Poses In a Tiny Bikini Against a Historic Turret at Windsor Castle

Isabelle Berry, 33, wore a thong bikini when she posed for saucy photos outside the castle surrounded by tourists.

A Wetherspoons pub opposite rushed out to take pictures of the spectacle while tourists grabbed their cameras.

However, not everyone in the posh Berkshire town appreciated the gesture. It is a royal town, not Magaluf, according to resident Jane Rackham, 46.

Isabelle stripped down to a thong bikini outside the castle and posed for saucy photos with onlookers. Drinkers in a Wetherspoons pub opposite grabbed their cameras while tourists grabbed their cameras.

There was, however, no universal appreciation in the posh Berkshire town. “This is not Magaluf, but a royal town,” said resident Jane Rackham, 46.

During the photo shoot, Isabelle – who possesses enhanced 34DD boobs and a Brazilian bum lift – flaunted her figure while a friend snapped pictures of her.

Leaving her Windsor home at lunchtime, she removed her tracksuit bottoms and hoodie before running towards the 900-year-old Curfew Tower in her Prada two-piece. A 13ft-thick wall cast a shadow on benches where she also posed.

Last night, Isabelle apologized to the King for any upset she may have caused.

She continued: “I know you aren’t supposed to do it, but it’s just fun.” I’m sure Prince Andrew wouldn’t have complained. Things like this happen to me all the time.

I was embarrassed when my friend took the photos. However, I do not usually feel embarrassed. Castles are beautiful. There is no way I would please the King and Queen if I performed this task.

“I believe they would be shocked if they looked out the window and saw me. “But I didn’t hurt anyone. Tourists and passers-by got their phones out, and some guys were going back into Wetherspoons to get their mates to have a look.

“It made people laugh. We were careful to wait until there were no children. “I like to do things outside the box. There are only so many lingerie photos you can take.

“I asked myself, where’s fun and naughty to do this because you aren’t allowed? And I thought it must be Windsor Castle. It was for the risk factor.” Sure enough, the photo shoot was swiftly halted when police raced to the scene.

The police gave Isabelle a good smack. They told me I was not permitted on the grass and had to cover up; otherwise, I might be arrested for indecent exposure since I was wearing a thong.

At first, they expressed severe warnings and said that you would likely receive arrest if you did anything stupid like this again. However, at the end of the story, they were laughing.

“I dressed so I wouldn’t get arrested, then drove off.” Windsor Castle — which attracts 1.5 million visitors annually — is also an official home for the King and Queen Camilla.

The couple was believed to be in Norfolk at the time. Charles hosted U.S. Vice President Joe Biden at Windsor Castle last month. Kate and Harry married at St George’s Chapel, just behind the walls where Isabelle was photographed.

A spokesman for the King and Queen declined to comment on the photo taken in the castle’s quadrangle in 2020, just before the Duke of Edinburgh’s 99th birthday.

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