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March 31, 2024

A Source Says That Denise Richards Makes $2 Million a Month From Her OnlyFans Career

People didn’t like that Denise Richards supported her daughter Sami Sheen’s OnlyFans gig and did the job herself.

Some of Denise’s previous co-stars on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have said bad things about the 53-year-old Wild Things beauty for supporting Sami’s sex shows on the OnlyFans subscription service.

“Recently, Sami called herself a sex worker, and Denise’s ex-costars find it disgusting that she not only supports Sami’s behavior but also encourages it,” a source tells In Touch.

Insiders say that Denise joined the site because she saw Sami make an average of $80,000 monthly from her steamy posts. She now makes a massive $2 million a month.

Even Sami’s dad, 58-year-old Charlie Sheen, has said bad things about Denise’s parenting. Nine years ago, when he had AIDS, he had sex with porn stars without protection.

Someone close to the situation says, “Charlie hates how Denise has affected Sami.” “He also hates Denise because he believes she is permanently damaging his child!”

When Sami joined the site for the first time at age 18 in 2022, Charlie was enraged by the change and made fun of Denise for letting it happen. He said, “I do not agree with this.” “This didn’t happen in my house!”

The actor who used to be on Two and a Half Men once posted an “open letter” online in which he criticized Denise as a mother, calling her a “shakedown piece of s–t [douche face] & worst mom alive!”

Last month, Denise shared a birthday message for her daughter, saying, “I love you so much, and I’m so proud of you.” This caused some reactions.

That happened just a few days before Sami put out pictures of herself and her boyfriend coming out of the shower half-naked. Denise then made fun of the idea of doing a naughty shot with her daughter.

“Denise is ruining her reputation with the other moms in Hollywood,” the insider says. “They think she used her daughter as a prostitute to get her job and money!”


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