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May 2, 2024

Kirbii Casablancas Cosplays: Your X-Rated Fantasy

Joandra Arroy, also known as Kirbii Casablancas, sells her cosplay on OnlyFans, where fans pay to see their fantasies come true.


In the Mario video game franchise, Princess Peach wears a pink dress as a damsel in distress. However, the men who pay to see 29-year-old Joandra Arroyo dress up as the video game princess are more than satisfied with her cosplay in black diamond-shaped fishnets and a pink thong bodysuit, which only emphasizes her plump posterior.


The remarks she receives range from “Yummy mami” to “Are you Hitmonlee?” Because your body is “KICKIN,” to “THAT ASS,” followed by the fire, cat, heart, and water drop emojis.


“I came from a very conservative household,” the Hialeah native tells New Times. “I wasn’t allowed to dress up. We were not allowed to celebrate Halloween, so I could only dress up during conferences. When I learned I could turn my love of dressing up into a side income, I did and had fun with it since my worry is getting old and wrinkled and looking in the mirror and going, “Damn!” I should have dressed sluttier when I was younger.”


Arroyo, also known as Kirbii Casablancas, became interested in cosplay in 2008 when she attended her first comic book convention wearing a simple set of cat ears. “It all began with a few sets of cat ears. Then I got into cosplay, and people liked seeing it at conferences or publishing it online,” she says. “One of my earliest cosplay costumes was Poison Ivy. I hand-sewed each leaf on the leotard. “I wore it at the Florida Supercon in 2014 or 2015.”


To the uninitiated, cosplay is dressing up and performing as a specific character from a comic book, cartoon, anime, or video game. The hobby is commonly associated with comic book and pop culture gatherings such as the Florida Supercon and, more popularly, the San Diego Comic-Con. However, hundreds of smaller conventions and meetings take place throughout the year.


Cosplayers who devote countless hours to their costumes and accessories have been able to transform it into a real vocation, particularly in the age of social media. Some, but not all, cosplayers go a step further, bringing popular characters into X-rated territory on sites like OnlyFans, where eager followers are willing to pay a high price to see their fantasy come true.

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