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April 20, 2022

After Shutting Down the OnlyFans Account, Amouranth Redoubles His Efforts on Twitch

YouTube streamer Amouranth plans to close her OnlyFans channel and target a mainstream audience.

Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, announced on April 13 that she was closing down OnlyFans and making a ‘career pivot’ to a less lewd version of what she currently posts.

She explained in a Twitter thread how she planned to go all-in on Twitch with bigger budgets.

According to her announcement, Twitch will receive an investment of $350,000-$400,000. Since then, her reasoning behind stepping away from more adult content has been revealed.

What are Amouranth’s Reasons For Closing OnlyFans?

Her streams in which she would sit in a hot tub and interact with her audience were a significant reason for her success. As a result, she quickly earned the title of ‘queen of hot tub meta.’As a result, she quickly earned the title of ‘queen of hot tub meta.’

At its height, the hot tub streams, along with an OnlyFans page that brought in $1.3 million a month, positioned Amouranth as the number one female Twitch creator of 2021.

However, during an interview with Devin Nash, Amouranth stated that her current content style prevents her from entering the mainstream because it is a ‘constant grind.’

By limiting her content to the ‘e-girl’ style, Amouranth seems to be trying to convert a larger pool of viewers into followers rather than the small group of fans she currently has.

According to Amouranth, she will have to ‘optimize for being the fun part of Amouranth’ and that her humorous side, which is often seen in collaborations, will have to be her focus now.

Through not ‘farming’ for the particular audience of her OnlyFans, she hopes to gain a broader audience with ‘an average attention span’ to help promote her animal sanctuary goals.

Amouranth is Worth How Much In 2022?

According to her very open and detailed interview about her finances, Siragusa is currently worth $20-25 million. Despite being unable to earn money from advertising on Twitch because her content is too risky, she has managed to keep a steady stream of donations coming in from her audience.

Aside from Twitch and OnlyFans, she owns a petrol station that she rents out to Circle K, a chain based in the US, and an inflatable pool toy company.

The brand Dolls Kill and G Fuel also sponsors Amouranth.


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