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March 28, 2024

Amouranth Says That She Is Ending Her Twitch Career and Will Now Be Concentrating on Her OnlyFans

The streamer responded to a Dexerto post. Heat-producing Twitch feeds have been developing. The streamers began by living in inflatable or regular swimming pools while wearing skimpy clothing or bikinis. 

Subsequently, they were in the residences themselves, displaying various formats—first,t suggesting that they weren’t dressed, and then projecting games like Overwatch or Fortnite into the private areas.

Amouranth is a trailblazer within this domain. When it comes to these live broadcasts, she is one of the most well-known content creators and has a sizable fan following across all social media platforms, which she has expanded to include her OnlyFans.

Concerning her issues with fighting, Amouranth said, “I could die.”

Twitch is taking the matter seriously, and the content creator has now reacted.

“End Of An Era…”

Dexerto announced on X that the purple platform would update its rules regarding streams featuring skimpy clothing. They will implement a rule on March 29th that states that “content that focuses on intimate parts for a long period of time will not be allowed.”

This would eliminate opportunities for people like Amouranth. She no longer frequently appears on Twitch, though, as she now regularly broadcasts live on Kick. Her OnlyFans help her stay on top of her other endeavors, so she has spoken out about the new rules.


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