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November 6, 2021

An Adult-Themed Cryptocurrency Is Introducing A New Alternative to OnlyFans: Here Are Details of Its New NFTs

Earlier this year, Tesla Inc. tweeted about a cryptocurrency that went viral. After reaching its Roadmap goal of launching non-fungible tokens, Elon Musk may be back in the spotlight. 

Cumrocket cummies sold 2,177 NFTs from 583 content creators in the company’s first NFT sale over the weekend. 68865,024 CUMMIES were used in the transaction for a price of $345,000 for the NFTs. 

Cummies was the preferred currency for the NFT transactions along with Binance USD. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported and believed in us, the company said in a Medium article.

Two thousand nine hundred sixty-eight accounts purchased NFTs. At the time of the transaction, the most expensive NFT was worth $54,802.

Although there was congestion at launch time, 153 Bronze NFTs sold out in 23 minutes.

Cumrocket is led by Lydia Lane, making the coin and NFT project women-led. For providing sex workers with a better alternative to OnlyFans, the company was founded.

We promise to make the most exciting and beneficial platform the adult industry has ever seen!” 

The company said it would do more marketing to share its NFT marketplace with more users in the future.

“We are adding tons more features to the marketplace, as well as OF (OnlyFans)-like features soon!”

On Monday, Nov. 1, Cumrocket launched on, offering a pair trade involving CUMMIES and USDT.

In April, CUMMIES surged in value, reaching a high of $0.2888 per share.

Musk tweeted emojis of drops, rockets, arrows, and the moon in June, causing the price to spike.

Musk’s tweet led to a 250% increase in the value of the coin.

At press time, Coin market cap reports that CUMMIES is worth $0.03842. 

Cummies has a market capitalization of $65 million.

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