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September 2, 2022

An Exclusive OnlyFans Owner Made $448 Million In 18 Months, While Creators Made $3.47 Billion

During the pandemic, OnlyFans paid its reclusive owner an eye-watering dividend of $433million ($500m) over 18 months.  

Timothy Stokely, 39, and his father, Guy Stokely, 77, founded the online adult content site OnlyFans in 2016.

Tim grew up in Felsted in Essex with his three siblings in a commuter mansion.

Deborah, 62, and Tom, 42, were also involved when his company took off.

Over two million creators and 220 million users have joined the site since it was launched six years ago. Over lockdown, its popularity spiked.

He was replaced by the company’s communication director Amrapali Gan in 2021 after stepping down as CEO to focus on his ‘next challenge.’

Net Worth Of Timoty Is More Than $100 Million

In 2016, Timothy Stokely, the son of a banker, founded OnlyFans. ‘Creators’ share content for a subscription fee, and the company takes a 20 per cent commission. 

In 2021, the London-based platform earned nearly 3.47 billion from its two million content creators, up from $53 million in 2020. 


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