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April 13, 2023

An OnlyFans Fan Gets a Huge Tattoo of His Favorite Star – Leaving Her In Awe

An OnlyFans subscriber went to extremes to showcase his support of a Playboy model by getting a huge tattoo of her on his arm.

A super fan got her face tattooed across his forearm, shocking an OnlyFans model. Before the pandemic, Sara Blake Cheek owned a salon and led a traditional life.

She has since become a millionaire by selling racy content online. Recent meet and greets show her popularity is rising, but one bloke went to extremes to show his appreciation. Adding three love hearts to his DM, he boasted, “I got you tattooed on me”.

Sara shared her reaction to the black-and-white portrait exclusively with Daily Star: “I never imagined I would receive a message from a fan saying they got me tattooed. I first thought, “Is this really happening?”.”

Despite this, the 31-year-old from Florida said, “I’m not surprised anymore by things in this industry.”

“After getting $1,500 for my dirty tennis shoes, I became numb to everything else.” It looks great; the tattoo is pretty badass. It flatters me, and my husband thinks it’s awesome as well.

Almost every tattoo I have has a meaning or a story behind it. I don’t feel unnerved by someone recognizing my beauty because it’s art. I responded and said, “That looks great.”

On a six-acre ranch, she lives with her husband, Matt, and their children.

From appearing on ESPN to gracing the cover of Playboy, her fortunes have changed dramatically in recent years.

Living month to month was her way of life until her success led to her being banned from her children’s sports games and abused by her religion teacher.

In a previous interview, she told us: “It sucks when I have to mingle or meet new parents or attend school events because I am such a social person.”.

We bet on how long it will take people to become familiar with us and what we do, and I am responsible for determining whether people know who I am and what I do.

I have the most fun, outgoing, and popular kids in school. It’s amazing how well-rounded they are and how willing they are to help others.

When someone is being mean, we tell our kids it’s their problem, and jealousy is to blame. They must see how their mother acts and treats others compared to how she is treated.”

Despite the backlash from parenting peers, her fans’ feedback makes it all worthwhile.

The singer told us: “I had a few fans waiting outside a hotel in New York to take pictures with me recently.

I was recognized by everyone walking by because those fans turned into a long line of people. “It was an amazing experience.

The stares would be much worse than being stopped by a fan and asked for a picture. That’s why I’m grateful.”

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