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July 30, 2023

During Their Fight, Alexia Grace Was Accused of ‘Putting Astrid Wett In the Hospital’

After a heated altercation just minutes before Saturday’s bout, OnlyFans model Astrid Wett was taken to a hospital after the fight was called off. In a secret location in London just minutes away from the flight, the two men were seen once again exchanging aggressive heated words days before the fight.

Astrid Wett, an influencer boxer, was hospitalized after she slapped rival Alexia Grace, an OnlyFans model. Following the tackle, Grace threw Wett through a nearby table just as the streaming ceased.

Despite Wett’s team declaring her stable after landing in the hospital, her rival Grace finally spoke out about the incident. Grace has, however, reacted to Wett and her promotion team, regardless of whether the event was staged or not.

Alexia Grace shared The article on Instagram with the caption, “Wett Promotions is a complete joke.” It is not the first time she has initiated a fight.

During the press conference, she shoved me to the ground while I was off guard. Although I have been injured both by her cheap shot and by a pile of her feces, there was no security today?”

Frace stole Wett’s Misfits belt during KSI’s title bout with Joe Fournier in May 2023, igniting the feud between the stars of OnlyFans. Grace has over 173K followers on Instagram, while Astrid Wett made headlines after the team won a football match.





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