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September 18, 2022

An OnlyFans Nurse Was Sacked After Colleagues ‘Distracted’ Her By Watching Her Content At Work

In one of the nursing homes where Jaelyn worked, nurses and patients had been checking her social media and OnlyFans accounts without her knowledge.

She was sacked from her job because her colleagues were watching her videos at work while she made some extra money for OnlyFans.

OnlyFans has become quite an essential source of income for a woman named Jaelyn.

Jaelyn also worked as a nurse for a nursing home group until she was unceremoniously dismissed for being a “distraction” to fellow employees because OnlyFan’s money is unreliable.

She explained in a TikTok clip that had gone viral, with close to two million views, that she was called aside by a woman she had never met before when she clocked into work.

She was told by the woman that some of her colleagues had looked at her OnlyFans account, sometimes with residents in the nursing home.

“My boss told me she couldn’t allow that to happen every time I worked, so she had to let me go,” Jaelyn said, adding, “They need a job more than I do.”

“So, they all can see and look at the nurse’s station while they’re on the clock, because they paid for my site,” she complained.

Despite her success on OnlyFans, she says she’s still working as a nurse because the money she makes from her racy clips can be unpredictable.

During an interview, she said, “On OF, you never know what you’re going to make.” You might make $600 monthly and $50,000 the next – it all depends.”

Jaelyn said in a second video she was filing a wrongful dismissal complaint and arranging a meeting with the woman who fired her to get a written explanation that she could present to her attorney.

Several commenters sympathized with her, saying she had a legal case.
The lawsuit is 110% true. there are no questions asked,” said one person. “Unless otherwise specified in the employer’s code of conduct.”

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