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March 24, 2024

Ballycastle OnlyFans Star Meghan O’Neill Shows Off Her New £1.7 Million Country Home

A woman from Co. Antrim, one of the biggest stars on OnlyFans, has moved into a £1.7 million house because she still makes a lot of money.

Mother of two In 2023, Meghan O’Neill became famous on an adult entertainment website. She now makes more than £120,000 a year from it.

The Ballycastle bombshell (31) wanted to use her hard-earned cash wisely, so she bought a massive house in the English countryside.

She posts videos on her Instagram page showing off the pad. The pad has a bar, two hot tubs, a swimming pool, a central staircase that is the focal point of the welcome hall, and more.

A friend of Meghan’s said she was “over the moon” that she could afford her new home, but Meghan wouldn’t talk about it.

“Meghan is thrilled about buying the house and being able to use it when she has to go to England for work, which is often,” they said.

“The setting is far away, so she can relax even when not there. The two hot tubs, the pool, and the sauna make it perfect for this.” She’ll likely also add a gym at some point.

“The house costs £1.7 million.” There is only one chance to have something like this, and Meghan is very thankful.

After Meghan told Sunday Life about what she did on OnlyFans, she was interviewed by news sites nationwide.

In January, she told this newspaper that she had become friends with Dublin-based porn star Andy Lee. In February, Lee got a funny OnlyFans tattoo on his face.

“I’ve worked with Andy before,” Meghan said. After filming a scene with me in England, he came over to work with me. We’re getting close.

“Getting to know Andy has shown me I can cut ties with social media.” What people say online doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, and that’s how he helped me.

“We are going on a fun run in Birmingham in April, which he planned.” The money will all go to Trussell Trust food banks and is for people who make content. He did that because many of us in the adult business have had to use food banks. “He wants to return the favor.”

Meghan was happy to talk about the recent trouble that was caused when the male stripper group The Pleasure Boys came to The Devenish in West Belfast.

“Strip shows are my idea of hell, despite what people think because I work in the business,” she said. My job has nothing to do with who I am.

“I’d rather attend a Brian Cox physics seminar than learn about event horizons, black holes, and Stephen Hawking.”

“The s**t that came from the strip show is very interesting.” Of course, everyone was picking on the girls. People seemed to think it was gross that the women were loving it. They were called sluts in all the memes and movies that were going around, which is not funny.

“It would be the same if it were the other way around and the women were the strippers. The fallout would hit the women.”They had a good time. Everyone agreed and was having a good time. Things should calm down in Northern Ireland.

Cash cows This year, Meghan started a show and is now writing a book about staying strong after being bullied. She told him, “Work is amazing right now.” I’m getting stronger all the time. The only bad thing about it is the trolls.

“It’s constant abuse; it’s crazy.” Every day, I get a ton of it—fake names and everything else—just to put me down. How could you be so stupid?

“That’s one reason I’m writing a book about strengthening your mind. I’m thankful that I have a lot of friends and family who are there for me. It helps a lot.”

In September, Meghan was seen having fun in Ibiza with Wayne Lineker, a bar owner and reality TV star. Wayne is the brother of Gary Lineker, a former football player and Match of the Day host.


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