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April 6, 2022

Despite Criticizing Dom’s OnlyFans Account, Tamara Posts a Racy Video

The resurfacing of Dom’s racy video is even more shocking since Tamara was vocal about her disapproval of the account.

Tamara has never hidden her disapproval of Dom’s OnlyFans content since it was leaked during this season of MAFS.

Tamara informed Domenica that other cast members had seen a nude picture of her during a group setting and suggested that she not post content if she couldn’t handle the backlash. Tamara even said she would “never” send a nude picture to anyone.

A TikTok video showed the controversial bride shaking her scantily clad booty for likes. In the video, Tamara mouths the words, “Fat girls are always trying to force clothes that don’t fit.” She then turns her back to the camera and wiggles into a tight pair of pants while bouncing her bum above the waist.

“I’m fat b*****s,” Tamara says after pulling the pants on.

Tamara’s thin figure makes the video contradict her assessment of Dom’s OnlyFans account and can also be considered fat-shaming.

Tamara’s TikTok account contains a wide range of offensive content, including the video above. Another video she posted in September 2020 shows her drawing liquid eyeliner between her two front teeth and then mouthing the lyrics of a ‘WAP’ verse with a lisp. Adding the hashtags #wap #lisp, he captioned the video, “You can’t unhear this.”

Dom had a fan account on OnlyFans before appearing on MAFS. Bride Olivia circulated a photo from the account midway through the season. When Domenica discovered her co-stars had seen the photo during a dinner party, she was shocked.

“Dom, I apologize for bringing this up. During a group dinner party, groom Cody shared an image of you almost naked on a couch.

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