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December 1, 2022

Every Time Brazil Scores At World Cup 2022, A Stunning OnlyFans Model Promises Free Naked Pictures

OnlyFans model promises a free nude snap for every Brazilian goal at the World Cup.

Daiane Tomazoni, 24, joined OnlyFans shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic and now earns more than she does anywhere else.

During an interview with Newsflash, she said: “I currently produce 18+ content for OnlyFans and other platforms in the same industry.

” I decided to start selling before the pandemic at the suggestion of some friends who were already making a lot from content production.

” I worked in the HR department of a company and was fired due to court issues because of the pandemic and social isolation.

“I focused 100 per cent on content sales, and it worked.”

Daiane’s latest pledge raised eyebrows: “I keep in close touch with my followers through a Telegram group.”

“Unlike subscriber platforms, this group is for interaction and previews.

As I talked a lot, I replied to everyone and realized that people weren’t as excited as I was.

“I decided to develop a way to get everyone to better support the national team.

“The moment I pitched the idea, many thought it was a lie, and I wasn’t going to send them.”

Despite this, the majority began sharing messages of support for Brazil.

People became anxious because goals took a long time and only happened in the second half. They even asked for photos of crosses hitting the crossbar during the game.

” However, the group was thrilled when Richarlison scored the first goal! I, of course, sent the first pic uncensored.

People were even happier after the second goal.

Since it worked, I’ll keep my pledge and expand it in the next game. What do you think? Perhaps even with videos. Brazil’s sixth title is worth anything!”

“Our team shone on the field,” Daiane said of Brazil’s performance in the World Cup.

The first game was always nerve-wracking, especially for those with five stars.

It wasn’t long before the team found its way and won their first game.”

Richarlison was also mentioned a second time by Daiane, who spoke of her love for the beautiful game.

In Brazil, it’s impossible not to be a football fan. It’s very connected to our culture. I love it!”

“My fans already liked Richarlison, who scored the goals in the first game, even before he was called up.

“He has a cool attitude off the field, and he enjoys playing football.”

Mayara Lopes, another Brazilian fan, believes Richarlison will be a superstar.

In the same way, she rewards her followers, Daiane wants to reward Brazil’s squad.

According to her, I want to send the same incentive to my followers to the national team players.

“Imagine if some of them got intimate photos and felt that excitement, right?”

I’ll send it; DM me on my official Instagram!”

As Daiane ended, he expressed support for PSG and Brazil star Neymar, saying, “Neymar Jr. deserves our support, as he was injured in his first game.”


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