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August 17, 2022

Fans Adored Ebanie Bridges’ Racy ‘Playing’ Comment

After a suggestive tweet, fans thought things had gone to the next level in Ebanie Bridges and Elle Brooke’s friendship.

According to Ebanie Bridges, OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has been “playing with my p***y”.

Bridges wear lingerie to step on the scales during her boxing weigh-ins while Brooke strips off online.

During the past few months, Brooke and Bridges have crossed paths as Brooke entered the ring for the first time, and Bridges helped her with her training. Since then, a friendship has blossomed, and fans thought it might reach its peak on Sunday (August 15).

It turned out the tweet was two pictures of Brooke playing with Bridges’ Russian Blue kitten Gracie, not any X-rated content.
“Couldn’t help myself… I’m so immature.” Brooke replied: “Ebs, your private parts are so smooth!”

Bridges responded with another lewd comment: “When you stroked her, She purring so loud.”

Her 150k-plus followers loved the thread of tweets, despite maybe not getting what they expected.

AJ Bunker, a former Love Island contestant, claimed victory in her boxing debut last month after beating IBF bantamweight champion, Brooke.

Bridges praised her opponent, posting before the fight: “Last training session for @thedumbledong before she fights!”

As a fighter, I’ve enjoyed watching her in the gym every day work her ass off (literally) and progress technically and mentally. “I am super proud and excited to see her put it all together this weekend.”


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