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August 9, 2023

Following the Split from Longtime Boyfriend Atis Paul, The 23-Year-Old OnlyFans Star Unveiled Her New Boyfriend With a Racy Leaked Text Exchange and An X-Rated Photo

In addition to her role as the star of OnlyFans, Mikaela Testa has introduced a new boyfriend, a bodybuilder and content creator named Emmanouel, who is 18 years old.

The 23-year-old, one of Australia’s biggest influencers, shared a racy leaked text exchange between the pair on Wednesday.

Mikaela wrote, “My boyfriend is at home,” adding a red heart to her message. After working out, Emmanouel later shared a photo of herself wearing a compression top.

Also, Emmanouel appears to be building a career on social media platforms such as OnlyFans.

In May last year, Mikaela and influencer Atis Paul split up.

In June of this year, Mikaela broke her silence about her breakup. She described the split as ‘hell’ for her.

There’s no point in saying anything because it will open up an old, healed wound.

Despite the pain of the split, Mikaela managed to move forward, although it was difficult due to her close relationship with the family. After her career choices were disagreed with by her family, she lost contact with them.

As part of an Instagram Q&A with fans, she stated that the couple will never cease to love each other.

We will always be in love with each other; we have never stopped being in love. In June last year, Atis was the first to announce the split after much fan speculation.

Whether Mik and I are still together has been asked so often. At the time, he said, “It has been a long time since we were friends.” We have a perfect relationship.

Despite being on a girls’ trip to Bali, Mikaela was less forthcoming about the split but said she was overwhelmed by the support she had received from her fans.

Atis and I are doing well for the fifth time in a row. Thank you so much for your support. It would be wonderful if I could hug each of you individually,’ she wrote.

Born in Germany, Atis moved to Australia as a child and became a cryptocurrency investor. Known as Australia’s No. 1 OnlyFans star, he is the brother of Anna Paul.

Also, a model, influencer, and occasional viral celebrity, Mikaela makes an estimated $162,000 monthly as an OnlyFans creator.

After Instagram removed the ‘like counter’ from posts, she posted a video of herself crying hysterically. She has also been banned from Instagram and TikTok due to her racy images. TikTok banned her in 2020 due to multiple violations of its community guidelines.

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