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April 30, 2023

Former Lawyer Now Makes More Money and Is Happier As An OnlyFans Performer

Jazmen Jafar quit her first job as an attorney less than six months after starting OnlyFans.

The 27-year-old’s legal job paid $75,000 a year, but she made that much in February alone and more than $180,000 in the first three months of this year.

OnlyFans performer Jazmen Jafar disguises her identity as Princess Jasmine and Jafar from the Disney movie “Aladdin.” She has nearly 1,200 posts and 2,200 videos on her profile, offering daily live streams for $7 monthly.

Jafar told me that she spent most of her life following a path her Middle Eastern parents set out. She passed the bar exam and went into a job interview hoping she wouldn’t get the job, but to appease her family, she went through with it. “Before, I hated the thought of the future because I had a great, long, stable legal career planned,” she said.

In October of that year, she joined the law firm after starting her OnlyFans account in early 2021. Eventually, she quit her legal career in March 2022 and moonlighted as a content creator.

While working at the law firm, she would come home at night and film content. Whenever people asked how I spent my weekend, I’d say, ‘Just relaxing indoors,’ when I was filming myself sucking dildos or whatever.”

While she’s now working longer hours, Jafar said she’s happier despite working 10 hours daily. While her family does not approve of her being a creator for OnlyFans, Jafar stated that they still love her.

Only people with a glamorized view of being a lawyer don’t understand my decision to leave a law job to be a sex worker.” Besides advocating for sex workers’ rights, Jafar wants to create other content. Through her YouTube channel, she uses her legal knowledge to unofficially assist OnlyFans creators with reviewing their contracts when they have agents.

“I wish to dispel some of the stigma and stereotypes associated with sex work and to demonstrate that it is not a last resort,” she said. This is my first resort, as I was offered a well-paying job that I could have continued to do for the rest of my life. I chose this option because I wanted freedom and happiness.”

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